Using Classified Ads To Drive Targeted Traffic

There are many websites out there that can easily benefit from an increase of traffic to them. Is yours one of them? I hope so. However, are you using this method to drive traffic targeted to your offers? If not, consider implementing a strategy that includes classified advertising.

What are classified ads.

Classified advertising is one of the oldest advertising methods available anywhere, online or offline. Why is that? Because they work. But what exactly is a classified ad? Industry “consensus” is that “classified ads” are small, textual ads, which appear in the “classified” sections of newspapers or magazines. These are commonly several lines of text, with little sale copy, and are no longer limited to “hard media” such as magazines. In truth though, just about any ad could be a classified ad.

Why use classified ads?

There are a couple simple and important reasons to use classified advertisements. Lets look at three main ones:

1: They can be free. Some classified ad services will offer free classifieds depending on what you are selling. In a local newspaper you might get free ads for stuff under $100 for instance.

2: They are persistent. While classifieds are no longer strictly an offline media form of advertising, the offline counterpart is quite a persistent advertiser. They will remain within reach of a potential customer for as long as they own the media source, magazine for instance. This means people who keep older copies will still have access to your advertised product or service even years after initial introduction.

3: They work. There is a reason classified advertisements have been around for so long. They actually work and they do it well. With minimal effort you can test and tweak a single ad until it becomes quite effective. These can easily be tested online until you have a high response rate. People are always looking through classified ads in their paper or online and will continue to do so.

Where can you place classified ads.

In many cases you can place classified advertisements in just about every news publication, magazine, and many websites online. While you should generally place then in media locations that target niche specific traffic for best results, you can place them anywhere they draw attention and traffic. If you have products or services that span different markets, place ads in both. In addition to print media, online classifieds include everything from auction sites, online news outlets, and specialty classified ads sites.

How do classifieds generate traffic.

Simply enough classifieds allow a user to either read your ad and contact you directly if they are interested in your ad. Simply include a link to your website for more details. With online media sources the user can simply click the link and traffic will flow to your site. Offline media only means the user has to type in the link to drive traffic your way. While it is one extra step, people who are interested enough in your ad will make the effort.

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Traffic generation an be as complex or as simple as you make it. It can also be as cheap as free and more costly then you can imagine. Consider which traffic method is best to increase site traffic [] and stick with it until your site is earning income.

Derek Wood is an internet marketer and off-line business owner, specializing in traffic generation and helping others setup their own online business. He has been actively building his internet-based businesses since 2003.

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